Real Estate Investments in Baltimore Have Been Proven to be Profitable, Expert Says

Baltimore, MD – For the past decade Baltimore, Maryland has proven to be a profitable city for real estate investing. Whether a person is trying to stabilize their retirement portfolio, generate passive income or a new career, real estate investing in Baltimore is a great option. While real estate can be profitable there are a handful of barriers. For instance, a person may not want to manage the property. They may not have the expertise or time to collect rent or maintain the problem. Baltimore real estate can outperform stocks but it can be a hands on investment.

“The difficulty with Baltimore real estate investments is management at scale,” says Evan Roberts, a home buying expert with Dependable Homebuyers. “Baltimore has a surplus of distressed inventory that is waiting for someone to make money with. It is really a great time to roll your sleeves up and get your hands dirty.”

Real estate investors like Dependable Homebuyers buys houses in Baltimore directly from homeowners. They then leverage professional property managers to grow their portfolios. “The trick is to build a team of professionals. Everyone has their own expertise that can ensure your investment strategy is properly executed,” explains Mr. Roberts.

A person may not know what type of real estate to invest their money. This is another easily solved problem. Most people automatically think of traditional rentals. This is one of the most profitable investments because people can make money as a landlord or real estate investor.

Another popular real estate investment option is real estate the investor buys, rehabs and sells. It is a good real estate investment strategy because some people can make money fast. However, fix-and-flip investments require some expert level real estate knowledge. This can even be done with historic properties as described in the article at

Real estate investment properties can generate repeated short-term income by listing them on vacation property sites. An investor who doesn’t feel comfortable renting out the property. Thus, they hire a management company to do the work for them. This can save money in the long run since less mistakes will be made with a professional overseeing the operation.

Some Baltimore investors may view real estate wholesaling as extremely profitable. Real estate wholesaling is similar to fix-and-flops and is applied to commercial and residential properties. A real estate investor contracts with a property seller. They assign the contract to a buyer. The trick is for the buying price to be higher than the asking price. The difference in the buying and selling price is how the investor makes money. Unlike a fix-and-flip, the investor doesn’t rehab the property. The investor only pays minimal financing to cover their operational expenses. This approach is more about investing your time and labor than it is about investing cash.

Commercial real estate in Baltimore is another traditional and popular investment option. It is popular because it can yield a high profit. The profit is often better than an investment return in residential rentals. An investor is less likely to incur issues with late payments with a business renting a space.

Whether the person is an experienced or a new real estate investor, they are looking for the most profitable real estate options. The goal of investing is to make money. A real estate investment company is always a good option to help buy, maintain or sell property. They will allow an individual to focus on making money.

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