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A high wind warning is in effect across Maryland for what the National Weather Service is calling “one of the most powerful windstorms in recent years.” The storm began Thursday night and may last until Sunday. Gusty winds of over 30 mph are expected, with gusts of 60 to 70 mph starting early Friday morning and lasting until midnight. Overnight, gusts reached 69 mph in parts of Frederick and Montgomery

Tsunami Warning Issued For MD Coast Was Error, NWS Says

BALTIMORE, MD — A text warning that a tsunami could be headed to the East Coast was sent in error Tuesday morning, causing panic for some before emergency officials identified the alert as a mistake. The alert was sent by the National Weather Service and was received by subscribers from South Carolina up to Connecticut, the service said in a tweet. Tweets from the National Weather Service office in Baltimore

Things That Happen On The Day Of The Move

Unless you are some minimalist, the day of your move can become daunting for you. However, if you plan meticulously and stay organized, you’ll be able to tackle everything perfectly and will be moved to your new apartment without any problem at all. Here are some tips for you to consider for the day of the move. It is possible that you have a month, at the very least, before